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Optimising the energy use of technical building systems – unleashing the power of the EPBD’s article 8

WEBINAR COURSE (in real time)
25 Apr 2017 @ 15:00 CEST
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Duration: 1h

An optimised energy use of technical building systems (TBS) could yield significant energy savings and emissions reductions. In a new study for Danfoss, Ecofys, a Navigant Company, estimates an additional annual CO2 reduction potential of roughly 60 Mt by 2030 compared to business-as-usual just by consistent basic optimisation of TBS in existing buildings across the EU.

During this webinar, the authors will elaborate on the study and on the underlying questions, such as:

  • Why have Member States so far not been able to exploit the potential of Article 8? What needs to be done in order to let them actually achieve the good purpose mentioned in Article 8 of “optimising the energy use of TBS”? 
  • What kind of technical measures for optimising the energy use of TBS are concretely spoken of?
  • What energy savings could be achieved in typical individual European buildings by such optimisation of TBS? 
  • What additional energy savings and CO2 reductions could be achieved on a European level just by the proper implementation of Article 8 (1), i.e. if such optimisation would exist whenever TBS in existing buildings are renewed, replaced or renovated? 
  • What would this mean in the context of the EPBD’s contribution to the EU energy efficiency and climate targets? 
  • Which policy measures could be thought of in the course of the ongoing discussion about the proposal for revision of the EPBD, to support such development?

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