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Discussion seminar

Electric Vehicles - State of play and policy framework

27 Sep 2017 @ 11:30 CEST
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Duration: 1.5h

In this seminar, a new report summarizing the state-of-play for electric vehicles (EVs) will be presented. It covers market, technology, regulation and case studies for the Europe.

The objective of the report is to contribute to a better understanding of the potential impact of a transition to EVs in Europe and of the barriers that currently impede the realization of this potential. The research and analysis contained in this document indicates that the EV holds enormous environmental, social and economic benefits for Europe. However, it also shows that despite some progress in the right direction, we are currently a long way from realizing it. For this potential to be unlocked to a material extent within a 2050 horizon, a series of barriers need to be surpassed through collaboration by all stakeholders. Details of these findings are provided and recommendations on how to increase EV market uptake and to leverage the potential of EV benefits are presented.

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