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Ensuring European Energy Transition: key research and innovation actions needed for the next 5 years

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9 Oct 2017 @ 15:00 CEST
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Duration: 1h

Konstantin Staschus and Sophie Dourlens will present the new ETIP SNET Implementation Plan (IP) 2017-2020 which is to be released on 5 October 2017.
The Implementation Plan aims at listing the short-term priorities for R&I in ETIP SNET’s scope and as defined by the action 4 of the EU’s Strategic Energy Technology Plan: Increase the resilience, security and smartness of the energy system. It is based upon the ETIP-SNET R&I roadmap 2017-2026 which specifies the long-term R&I activities for the evolution of the European energy system and published in January 2017.
The Implementation Plan is the result of a long and comprehensive stakeholders consultation process which makes it widely recognised by all the European energy transition stakeholders.

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