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Perform, Achieve, and Trade (PAT) – An Innovative Programme to Promote Industrial Energy Efficiency

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20 Oct 2017 @ 13:00 CEST
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Duration: 1h

Enhanced energy efficiency in industrial sector is a challenge inasmuch as it competes for investment with new production capacity. However, it is also an opportunity since it enables higher productivity and greater competitiveness. The Perform, Achieve, and Trade (PAT) programme in India focuses on monetary reductions in specific energy consumption (SEC) of production units in energy intensive industrial sectors. In order to address issues of equity and inclusiveness, the programmes included all energy intensive plants in selected sectors, even the most energy efficient ones. However, the SEC reduction target was less for plants that are already more efficient. Further, third-party verification and issuance of certification for excess savings (more than the target) help in achieving transparency and enabling greater effort. The target savings were over-achieved by about one-third in the first cycle, and subsequently second and third cycles have been launched.

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