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Demand Flexibility as a Resource

WEBINAR COURSE (in real time)
17 Jan 2019 @ 15:00 CET
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Duration: 1h

Energy is changing as we move from centralized generation to distributed clean energy. Energy efficiency also must change with the times. With the advent of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and advanced measurement and verification (M&V), we now have the ability to calculate the time and locational impact of energy efficiency and electrification so that it can function like a distributed energy resource (DER).

This webinar will include an overview of the current grid issues and needs, and how metered energy efficiency on a time and locational basis can be deployed to solve these issues. We will then explore some US case studies on how metered energy efficiency that is paid on performance is being used as a grid resource, and to encourage market innovation and finance of this infastructure investment.

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