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Copper Conductivity Materials

This Community of Practice aims to help specifiers and designers with the selection of copper conductivity materials for electrical and electronic applications. It provides information on properties and applications of copper conductivity materials and access to Copper Alliance experts.

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Introductory Information

The Copper Conductivity Materials Database provides an introduction to the range of copper conductivity materials and provides basic properties. Information on specific alloys can be accessed either by required property combination—e.g. high conductivity and strength, high conductivity and resistance to softening—or via a table of physical and mechanical properties, ordered by electrical conductivity. Typical applications are given and examples provided.

In-depth Technical Information

The Conductivity Alloys Knowledge Base contains more detailed technical information. Based on in-depth literature research, the state of the art in copper conductivity materials is summarised, including chemical compositions, mechanical, fabrication, exploitation and technological properties—such as thermodynamic, optical, magnetic and solid state properties. An advanced search allows users to filter materials by a range of criteria.

Copper Academy

Online learning resources from the Copper Academy will be highlighted and made available to the Community. These resources cover copper basics, applications, economics, processing, properties and sustainability. The course materials have been developed by Copper Alliance experts and invited lecturers from renowned European institutions such as AGH University of Science and Technology and Fraunhofer Institute.

Copper Alliance Experts

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